exploding rear rim hapened to me! almost..

so i was fixing to eat this guy on a kx250, and then all the sudden, BAM!!! i hear something that doesnt seem right..and my bike wont move any...so i look down and my Tallon 49 tooth gold rear sprocket has blown off! and scrapped the crap out of my black rim too! so i ripped the shreded sprocket off, and pushed my bike back to the pits..pissed off.. anyway...if in wouldnt have had tallon hubs on it.it woulda blown off..but im still shocked, how did this happen? i sheared off allll the bolts that hold the sprocket on. and ripped the sprocket to trash, and bent it all up, my wheel is perfectly lined up and everything..this suck!! any suggestions?

i think you need a sidewinder sprocket and stock hubs, thats what i run flawlessly.



Yeah, right. There are no known cases of stock hubs exploding...

There have been several posts back in Dec on this. The conclusion from those posts is that improper chain adjustment leads to the hub explosions. Look back over previous posts and you may find the info you are looking for.


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BBR , Just a quick question. Do you put a wrench on your sprocket bolts quite often to see if they are tight? The reason I asked is when there was a rash of broken hubs on this site I noticed most of the people saying "I checked to make sure my sprocket bolts were tight all the time" This got me to wondering if people were putting a wrench on the bolt, giving them a twist, to check tightness and in time over torquing the sprocket bolts. Just a thought.


Doug, that's a very good point. Especially if they are still using the stock sprocket bolts! They will stretch and distort very easlily. WB sells a complete replacement set from Talon. They are at least half again as strong as the stockers and only cost around $13. Another point for those contemplating using lock-tite. The nuts are self locking and probably don't need it, but the lock-tite should be applied to the head of the bolt where it fits into the sprocket. For those who like spending money,

Ti bolts are available also and very trick!

Just my two scents.


The only thing that it could be is that you tightened your bolts on too tight! Since I was there and know the circumstances (and the day before you torqued the bolts) what happened is you probably overtightened them (or you had the wrong torque specs) but to snap all 6 of those bolts and to bust your sprocket in half... That cant be fun. Also check your chain tightness (did you tighten it before the ride at 290) it should be right a 2-2.1 inches (works best for me, the manual specs are too tight) Oh well at least you have those spare 51 tooth talon sprockets in your garage :) !



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yea guys i tightened them perfectly. i got the torque specs from an online catalogue, got my torque wrench, and put em on perfectly.MXold timer, i tightened them the day before i rode, with those specs. so your answer is yes...second, they were Suzuki Talon Gold hubs, with bulldog spokes and nipples, and excel black rims, gold talon hubs, and im pretty sure they were talon bolts too, i sheered off all those dang bolts, and ripped, make that obliterated about 4 inches of my sprocket, and scratched my rim, im mad...grrr. whats it gonna take this time... im buying Ti bolts, and a sidewinder sprocket, and chain...lol thanks yall keep postin...garett...sugestions noted. thanx.



Just because the bolts broke does not mean you have weak bolts. This would make you rather exclusive don't ya think?

Take a look at how the bolts broke and I'm sure you'll find that they we're pulled out from the hub, and not sheared off.


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