09wr450 help

I've had my bike for about a month or two, and i have to say I love it. There are two things I need help with. I am 245 with all my pads. I took my bike to my friends track and I just couldn't keep from bottoming out.So ibought a stiffer spring from factory connection suspension. Can i replace it by my self or do I have to bring it into a shop.:banana:

Also the throttle screw really slows me down. Can someone post a step by step guide on how to getting it out and shortening it. Hopefully with pictures. Thanks in advance.


Also would I be able to put a front number plate on a wr450, and could I run it without the tailight? What year yz plastics would i need to get:lol:

the throttle stop screw is a very simple mod . you jusy pop it out then cut it down to 23 mm I think it was " do a search on the length to be sure ." then re install it . as far as the spring goes . Yes it can be installed without a spring compressor . just loosen the nut on the bottom till you can pull off the spring retainer . and yes you can run a # plate but the yz rear fender is very differant no place to mount your ignition box on it . it can be made to fit but why ?

If your doing the spring ( I'm assuming just the shock) , then I would very seriously consider doing the fork springs and the valveing in the forks at the very least. Alot of the trouble is with the stock valving, the bike just blows through most of the stroke before it hits the hydraulic part of the valving to stop bottoming, but by then it just locks up and the forks bounce sideways off of most trail junk. Also here is a pic for the throttle stop screw. Just cut the WR one down ( not too far ) and save yourself a few bucks. Good Luck - WR_ Dave


So much, so I should get front springs also? and just send the whole suspension in? and the reason I wanted to know if the yz fenders fit and number plate because I go to the track a lot more then I ride trails, and I found a guy parting out is yz so i was thinking for a few extra bucks I could get a spare back fender for when I loop it out:doh: and the measurement on the screw, is that the whole measurement or just the bottom part?

The length for the screw is from the bottom black line in the pic to the tip of the screw, the whole thing. If your motocrossing the WR , I highly recomend getting the entire suspension done for what you are doing with it. The stock steup will likely kill you on an MX track. JMHO -- WR Dave

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