scared the beegeebees out of me

Friday night I replaced a blown fork seal and changed the oil in my forks so Sat. morning I put the tubes back and was going to give the bike a test run. Normally my bikes starts right up but this morning it was being stubborn, so after 5 or so kicks I pulled the compression release in to give it a few clean out kicks and "BAM" that sucker backfired louder than it ever has with the compression release pulled,first time it's ever done that, I damn near jumped over the bars. LOL WoooooHoooooo just when you think you have these 426's figured out they throw you something new,,,, I JUST LOVE THIS DAMN BEAST !


Mine does that all the time, the first time

I bout sh#t my pants. It is awfully loud and

is quite impressive.

I love this machine !


mine has done that too! the first time i was in the pits, and my dad and another friend (considerably old) he he mr did it once and they dropped their lunchables, then i laughed sooo hard, then i did it again and BAM!!! and they dropped their juice boxes, it was great, then it fired up and i roosted em...that was a fun time...see yall. its natural


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