06yz450f motor

Hi i ride a 06 yz450f and the valve droped into the piston and it had a catistrophic failer,i want to buy a hole new motor,but i found 1 on ebay from moto-recycles that was 1800$ that is a 08 yz450f with 10-20 hrs on motor.So my question is will it bolt into my frame no problem and will my cdi connectors plug into it,and will it run good.with no ishues.my carb setings on the 06 motor was 48-170and 2.5terns out.

No, it will not bolt in. Also, that is way over priced for a used engine. It is worth at best, half that.

Why would it not bolt directly in? '06-'09 are 95% identical bikes. That engine is a bolt-in.

BTW, Please alert me if ever you should see an '07+WR450 engine at $900, too.

With 10-20 hrs, if legit, is a decent price, and it will bolt right in.

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