Does anyone know where you can get the socket for the steering stem and the swing arm? I heard you can get it a Sears but not sure what they are called.

I got mine at Pep Boys. I'm at work and can't check the socket size. What I did was use a cresent wrench the has measuring for size on the side and was able to get the size dialed . I believe it is 1 1/4" or 1 1/8". While I was there I got a 1 1/8, 1 3/16 & a 1 1/4" socket. I have been able to use all of them on my scoots! :)

Those are the slotted socket sizes? I will go to pep boys after work to check it out.

For the slotted one on the steering head, just use a set of channel locks. The torque value is so small you won't mess it up. For the swing arm pre-load you can make a set out of sockets using a dremel tool and cut-off disk. You can buy a disk brake tool at Autozone or Pepboys that I used the first time to remove it. There is a picture of it on the yahoo XR650 group in the files section. There is also a "Honda Oil Filter & Clutch Hub Spanner socket" that is sold by Motion Pro that is supposed to fit the slots. There is a picture of this at

You could also stick a couple of punches into the slots and wedge a screwdriver between them and take it out. Once you have it out try this link.

nice post xr650rrider.


Thanks for your help on this.

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