'00 426 For Sale Nor Cal.

Oh!!It also has Works Connection frame guards, if that makes a difference.

.....and Pro Circuit Billet foot pegs.

Great shape!! Hinson clutch basket, new inner

and pressure plate with all new fibers and steels. Renthal McGrath bars.ONE seat cover and new graphics. E-Series exhaust with

spark arrestor.Pro Action suspension, base valves etc.

$5150 obo.

email jamest@netapp.com

got any pics? could you email them to garcou@hotmail.com Iam interested!

shane from washington

No pics, yet. I'm installing new bars, graphics, number backgrounds etc. So after I

get those on I'll take a pic and send it out.

Oh, also new tires (if I get my asking price and there is a DSP Titanium exhaust for extra $$ if you want, it has an E-Series installed currently).

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