98 WR400 wiring diagram needed help

Hi need help finding a wiring diagram for my 98 WR400 as i am fitting a battery and ac to dc rectifier any help would be great:banana:

Look for your yellow power wire after the rectifier this will be tied into your lights. Unhook your lights, install the rectifier here and hook the lights to the battery using the negative terminal on the battery this will convert the lights to dc. Look at the post attached for more information or drop me an email.


hey made a start unpicked wiring now i have no lights at all :banana: nothing been toutched

I'm planning on doing the same thing with my 99, so I'll be watching with interest since I'm an electrical retard.


does not look like fun. its hard to try do this when your a novice at wiring in reg and rec seems simple enough till you try have a crack. still dont know if i can use the standard ac reg attached to lighting curcit and just add a ac to dc rectifier followed by a 12v 4.2AH lead acid battery. i have bought a ac to dc rectifier BR354 from jaycar au they say its rated at 35A and 200w.........

Do you haveyour lights working now?

no lights i have no availabile power to the lighting curcit dont know if its reg or stator what could cause this dont know how to check either have meter

To test the regulator /rectifier unplug the wires going from it going to the lights and measure voltage across the yellow and black wire should be 13-14volts at 5000rpm as far as I can remember. To test the stator you need to have the bike shut off and test for resistance from the yellow wire coming from the stator to the regulator and measure this wire when disconnected from the regulator to ground. On my wr250f it is 0.224 to 0.336 ohms. This is a possibility but since you were looking at the wiring you may have a ground.

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