Anybody get a WR under 240lbs?

I have a turntech battery, YZ ti spring and FMF Q4 to lower weight on my 07 WR. I don't notice any of it. If I want to make my WR lighter I ride my YZ250 2 stroke. More people should ride 2 strokes, they feel like mountain bikes in relation to any 450 moto or enduro, and I really notice the difference after a few hours of riding tight trails. Replacing the terrible WR fork with a YZ fork (revalved front and rear to match for off road) was the best move I've made with the bike so far.

My 07 YZ450 was only 10 lbs more on the scale than my 2 stroke but it felt 30 lbs heavier when riding it.

Oops you didn't even ask about 2 strokes but a 2 stroke is the only correct answer I've seen in this thread :busted: I'm probably a little biased though.... :excuseme:

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