Just put the yz cam in, now it's really hard to start.

I just put the yz cam, paj, and needle in and checked the valve clearance. Now it won't start with the e-button unless I "pump" the throttle while cranking. It just sits there and sputters. I changed the paj back to 70 from 100. No difference. I feel like I don't have a clue what I'm doing here. The only difference I noticed is that the fuel screw had to be turned all the way in with the 100. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Chris :)

Maybe your idle speed is too low?

What would happen if you jacked that up, got it running, then turned it back down to tolerable levels?

Just a thought...

Good luck!

Nope. It does the same thing even if I hold it at 1/4 throttle. I just changed everything back to wr specs in the carb, making the cam the only difference. Same thing. My e-button is WORTHLESS!!! It will start first kick with the kicker. I don't like the kicker. I'm just lazy I guess. I took it up the street a few times and the bog is almost gone though. Throttle response is much better. If I can't get the damn thing to start, then the wr cam is going back in. The extra power isn't worth the total loss of the magic button. :):D :D :D

Demuth runs a wr exhaust cam in his race yz450. Just thought youd like to know.

I am not demuth. How much does he weigh? Does he ride at high altitude? I don't race. I just play ride. The perfect amount of power for me would be whatever this bike has +50%. Don't get me wrong; I think this bike is really fun, but I am just a power freak. I drive a dodge truck that is faster than a new camero ss and I still want lots more. :) When I have trouble keeping the front wheel down in third gear, then I'll be satisfied. Fyi I have no trouble keeping the front end planted in second on pavement with the yz cam. The wr cam is just BORING. :D

I think Live to Ride needs a turbo WR450! You cant possibly be using all that HP in a tractable way. It is amazing to watch how the pros just get the right amount of wheelspin to be fast. :D The stock cam is plenty of HP for most mortals. :)

Indy- you're right about me wanting a turbo wr 450. No, how about a supercharged wr 450. :):D It's only because I'm heavy and live at high altitude. This thing is probably nice at sea level for a rider who is 50 to 60 pounds lighter.

Ok. I changed the pilot jet from a 45 to a 42 and put the 100 paj back it with the yz needle. FS is 1.5 turns out. Throttle response is awesome! Way better than it has ever been before. It will now e-start sometimes if I pull in the hot start and hold the throttle 1/4 open. I am having to resort to smelling the exhaust to tell if this dang toy is rich or lean. I'm going to die of co poisoning though. :D

Fume sniffing Chris :D

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