Dirt Bike Mag's Elephant Article

Has anyone seen the latest Dirt Bike Mag? They have an article on the XR650R and using XR's Only parts. It was kind of cool to see that after years of tests focusing mainly on the weight, that they are now stating what a great all around bike it is and that nothing comes close for high speed straffing. One thing in the article caught me off guard. They make a comment about the shifter being so flexy. :D Wha? I have never even thought about the shifter as it has always functioned perfectly. I have never read a post about the XR650R shifter pro or con. Another comment was made regarding the stock skid plate being silly and looking weird. :D Now, I have read posts here. SecretAtlas had a good post and like him and Team Honda, I feel the stock skid plate functions just fine. What's up with the "Elephant" reference and the Dumbo & little mouse reference? I think they must of huffed a 5 gal can of VP 4 Racing Fuel before they wrote this article! :D I would have thought that Dirt Bike of all people would have been plugged into Thumper Talk and know she ain't no elephant, baby...she's a PIG! :D A BIG RED PIG! Yah Pig, Yah, Yah! :)


that's funny. elephant. come to think of it the 6 5 0 does sort of resemble an elephant.

anyhow, which issue of dirt rider is it in? i must not have it yet. who is on the cover?

never had a problem with the shifter either. off road racers should be smooth shifters and have plenty of time to make soft shifts... not mashing up or down on it... so i don't get that anyway.

as far as the stock skid plate goes i still stand behind it. in fact i was going through my bike and took the plate off to get some of the gravel that collected out of there. no smashing, chiping, scratching to be found... and that's after bottoming on a rock ledge so hard on the last ride i sprained my right and left ankle (i'm ironing out some body position issues when i'm on the pegs. recent photos show that i'm letting my heels drop too far behind them).

anyhow, as hard as the mags try to be impartial they still have to sell adverts and i think the editors of those publications tend to suffer from the same barbie doll syndrome that some of the guys on the 450 forum cope with...

Hey SecretAtlas,

Good to hear from you brudda. Yeah, just subscribed to DB and this is the first one in my mail box. It is the Joo-Lye issue. I'm at work and I can't think of what or who is on the cover right now. I talk to people all over the country and have A LOT of people to talk to. Get pretty spun out. I eat at my desk and taking breaks by checking out TT is santuary to me. Uhhhh enough on that...

As far as the shifter goes, if I turn it into a pretzel I'll replace it. Works great for me...

Skid plate; same thing. Mine's looking a little shreaded and pock marked but everything it is covering looks fine and I've had grape fruit sized rocks churned up and launched like a RPG at it (and my feet, one hit me and I thought I broke my toe through my Tech 8! :D) and it's handled everything so far. So... so good!

When you are nailing monster whoops and/or threading the needle at speed through rocky technical sections, try putting the ball of your foot (front section) over the pegs. It gives you more leverage, a bit more spring to your legs and keeps your feet out of harms way. Works for me anyway.

Wishing you the best of luck at the races.

As for Pig and Elephant etc. When me and my buddy Tomahawk got our 650's, we called them Orca's. Big and girthy but fast, sleek and gnarly :):D


tried to upload a photo...

anyhow, that's why i couldn't find the article, i thought you meant dirt rider, not dirt bike. i'll check it out.

yah, i need to get further up on the pegs.

Dirt Bike is full of big BS!!! I wouldn't waste my money.

My two cents.


:) Elephant? :D :D



It was interesting to finally see some print on "El gran cochino rojo".

Don't Campbell/Hengveld use the stock skid plate?

My buddy with his Pumpkin 450mxc got a kick out of the mouse/Elephant analogy.

AKA... El Carnitas Rojo Grande! :)

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