I can't name names, but my WR was purchased from a close friend who owns two M/C stores in the greater LA area.

The real fix is the jetting.

Both his and my WR sheared the key after having the "fix" in the TSB. His while bump-starting and mine while E-starting.

When this happened he leaned (pun intended) hard on the guys in Cerritos.

They put together a "carb-kit" and the difference is amazing. Bike now fires on one revolution using E-start and I can immediately push in the enrichener and have it idle perfect.

I do not know the jet sizes at this writing. I will get them and add to this post.

Reese King

The real fix is the jetting.

I think we all agree on that point!

Before starting mine for the first time I richened the pilot, needle and main. I haven't had the TSB done, haven't had any problems with the woodruff key and my bike starts the first time, everytime. 1,000 miles and counting...

Man I love my WR! :):D

I have to agree on this one, I love my WR as well. It will start first time on the e-button almost every time, idles great too. I have not had the TSB done and dont plan to let anyone touch it. over 1000 miles and counting.

Ditto 2000 plus miles on WR450 never had TSB done never had a failure with the woodruff key, never ran stock jetting. Dealer was not allowed to start my bike. I took home the crate and started modifying it without even starting it. Grey wire, throttle stop, exhaust baffle, triple clamps, carb jetting, etc. Then came the first E-start in 38 degree weather on February 2nd. Never looked back since and always said dont fix it unless it is broke.

Thanks for confirming that. What was Yamaha thinking with the stock jetting. :)

Hey Indy- What is the stock starter jet?

I think it was a 68. It was so long ago I forget. But I was on a 72 in the winter. Too rich for the summer.

Indy , I read your other post about a wr jetting post only,

thats a good idea.I still havent jetted mine.theres too much info!can you start one? for instance,where you live and where I live would our jetting be the same? Iam LOST...

The TSB was BS in my opinion.

Lapping takes off tiny amounts of metal.

I left mine alone.

I have only 200 miles on mine, it rains every weekend.

Don't feel so bad Beezer, I only have 250 miles on my bike for the same reason. First time I ever buy a brand new bike and an awsome one at that and all it ever does around here is rain, rain, rain..... :D Lets all salute mother nature :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Smoke :)

I wouldn't call jetting the real fix. To me it seems like two separate problems that can affect each other. The real fix would be a bullet proof starting system that doesn't break parts when the engine coughs. The second problem is jetting not dialed in. Instead of sorted out factory jetting and charts for uncorked/different elevation, each customer is left searching for jetting combinations that run properly. Yamaha ussually puts the real fixes in around the 3rd year of a product.

In an bbs I have found yamaha is distributing an intermidate gear, (in New Zealand) that has less friction allowing it to slip during backfires (starter to flywheel). I hope it comes to the US soon.

Yimmy I agree I think this may be the solution. :)

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