Crack in my gas tank!

Hey Folks

At the end of the tank, nearest the rear of the bike, is a 3 to 4 inch crack. I guess it would be at the back of the tank facing to the rear of the bike. Not on top next to the little doohickey that you strap it to the subframe.

I've got an 03 yz 450. Any ideas on how to fix it? I really don't want to buy a new or roll the dice on a used tank.


i've welded mine whith a cheap low watt electric soldering iron. at the time it looked good but after an year it is starting to crack again. heard many theories for what had happen, but I think its because of the ruber strap that helds it to thight, now i've used a zip-tie just to snug it in place and see if it holds on. oem tanks are very expensive but for the 450 there are aftermarket ones oem size, not for my 400.

That's weird - from the 240/450's I've seen, the 03 design is the design that breaks right on the edge there the most, most of the guys I know whose tanks are busted that much in that spot tend to sit very forward on the seat...wonder if it's prone to getting the rider weight beating on it (seat pan too flexible?).

If you go to weld it you HAVE to add material for it to last and it should be the SAME material, best if scraped off inner corners and hidden places on the underside of the tank.

A 4 inch crack is pretty big, if it was half an inch it's easily doable and will hold for quite some time, but 4 inches - it's probably not going to hold very long....

I predict a new tank is in your future.

I just had this happen on my 02 yz426, the local dealer wanted $400 for a new tank. When I told her there is no way i'm spending that much she said to buy some seal all it was $4. Its clear in color and its soft so it wont crack again and so far it has been leak free but I haven't ridden it since I fixed it.

I have a stock blue tank of my '04 I don't think its going back on the bike cause its gonna be black when its done. I assume it fits and '03. PM me if interested!

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