GYT-R factory parts

Has anybody used any of the engine pipes or mufflers from GYT-R?

Has anyone used anything else from them and how good was it?

I'm thinking of buying some things & would like to know your thoughts.


I just bought one of the adjustable top triple clamps for my 01'. Made a big improvment in the riding position, especially in the corners. Seems like a quality piece of work, even though it is a little pricey.

I’ve got the thumb lever compression release and I really love it. I have no idea why five dollars worth of aluminum and ten dollars worth of machine work mandates an eighty dollar price tag though. I should get a thank you card for contributing so much to their bottom line.

I also had the CF frame guards. They fit great and lasted for a little while but IMO CF frame guards are a terrible idea regardless of mfg. They are too flimsy (I snapped the brake reservoir mount tab) and your boots rub the CF off, the material ends up on your boots. Next time I’ll just go drive down the highway and toss $$ out the window.

I don’t think Yamaha actually makes too much of this stuff. As far as I know the pipe is made by DSP, so the CF stuff may be as well. A few of the handguard pieces are obviously Cycra, some of the plastic is obviously Acerbis. Just make sure you shop the price around so you don’t feel like a dolt later on.


Thanx Tom & Hick,

I should just forget the pretty parts and spend more time on the bike.


Does the adjustable triple clamp you purchased give you the option of running Pro-Taper bars?

You buy the triple clamps minus the handlebar mounts. So you can buy standard bar or oversized bar mounts for the type of bars you want.


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Scott is correct, I just got the clamps with it for standard size bars. After riding it even more yesterday, I can only recommend it even more strongly. Not only does it help by getting your weight more forward in the corners, but it gives me more room to move around while in the air (Something I usually find myself in desperate need of at some point in my flight pattern!)

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