how do i test my reg and stator 98wr400

how do i test my reg and stator on my 98 wr400 lighting curcit has no power not sure if its reg or stator, was attempting to install bat, bike has no factory bat only ac from stator. before this turn signals wore dim with lights on until revs pick up slightly was also running twin 50w hollogen head lights. :banana:

To test the regulator /rectifier unplug the wires going from it going to the lights and measure voltage across the yellow and black wire should be 13-14volts at 5000rpm as far as I can remember. To test the stator you need to have the bike shut off and test for resistance from the yellow wire coming from the stator to the regulator and measure this wire when disconnected from the regulator to ground. On my wr250f it is 0.224 to 0.336 ohms. This is a possibility but since you were looking at the wiring you may have a ground.

set my meter to the upside down horse shoe thing on 200. and betwen the yellow and the black wire fron the stator i get 01.1 is this correct with reg disc

set the ohms to 20 should do it put one end on the yellow wire the other ground out on the frame (bolt etc)

my meter has 2000k 200k 20k 2000 200 on the 200 i get the 01.1 and on the 20k i get nothing

That may be ok try starting the bike with the meter changed to V~ this is AC voltage and put the leads on the yellow wire and ground it on the frame. You should get a voltage.

just tryed this test and got around 23v

Im guessing the problem was the reg as with this disconected i have power, 23V bloke at the bike shop said thats normal for un regulated power from the stator?????

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