AIR-FILTERS (your opinions?)

Whilst embarking on my never ending quest for my favourite jetting setup! i have been using the oe yamaha filter and a crd filter,i found that cleaning 1 filter at a time was a bit pointless so i thought i would invest in a 3rd filter,i tried to get a different brand for the third one from the supplier that i get some of my parts from,a crd was all he had so i thought ok the crd filtter i have already was ok,but when it arrived i could see it was smaller than the other crd filter i have?,when i ran the bike with it in it did not feel good at all (and there is quite a difference in size when i put it back to back with the yamaha filter!)i had to drop my needle a full clip with this new crd filter compared to the oe filter i just took out of the bike (scary!).So i thought i would ask you folks what you recomend for a good replacement filter,and a brand which is consistent in what they produce,for any one who reads this and is getting a little bit confused when trying jetting changes keep track of which filter you are running at the time,i am going to try my oem filter back in the bike without touching anything else to see what goes on?.Any help with a good make of filter and where to buy would be sound(now i think i know why those filters were on special offer DOH!). :)

I have a twin air filter. Fits better than stock and didn't noticably affect jetting on my 450. $20 at

Twin Air :)

Smoke :D

Twin-air is smaller and flows better. Get 2 so you have a clean one ready to go. I often switch on dusty weekends using a glad freezer bag to carry the spare pre-oiled and ready.

Twin Air all the way... I just put a new one on today!

Thanks for taking the time to give me some pointers on the air filters folks,i did notice that the twin-air filters are in a lot of people`s signitures,i do prefer a foam type filter for my dirt bike too,so i think i will try an track down a dealer in the uk and try one out.Whilst on the subject i recieved an great tip for cleaning foam filters in a dirt bike mag over here.When your filter is dry,stick your vacume cleaner on it and it will suck out all the little nasty bits that get stuck in the foam(works a treat!)and if you are lucky enough to have a vacume cleaner that can cope with water that is even better. :)

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