What's she worth?

I don't know if you have this down there ,but i've had good luck with craigslist.com.Just put a link up with a pic and you should be able to sell it.If there isn't a hurry the right buyer will come along.

Good Luck


You becoming the KTM Spokesman???I've seen two posts of yours now saying to get an orange bike :)

I think you should just keep it. It is always a good idea to have a backup bike.

One other point. Your WR should be a green sticker bike, even if it wasn't before. The Honda will most likely be a red sticker bike.

I have been down to just one bike now for awhile. I will never do that again. You need to have at least two bikes! :D Just my .02 cents.



Good Point PM

Ask Blue about his 03 Bryan and what he is doing to be able to ride this summer and next in Calif.

Seems the red sticker will get big time inforcement starting July 24th next year the red sticker is enforced in May cutting the ride time on 03 to almost nothing... keep it

Thats exactly why I will always have two....If I didn't, the last two weeks would have been a pain. Atleast I had the WR as a backup and was able to practice while waiting for my YZ head to return from EDCO.

Brian....If you really want to get rid of it, put it up on e-bay with a $3,800 reserve...If it sells cool, If not you still have two bikes.

Bonzai :)

Keep the RTT and off it for $3500.

Seems to be a good suggestion.

$3200 - $3600 sounds like a fair price for a '99WR in good shape. Less if there are scratches and dents.

Keep the RTT and off it for $3500.

Seems to be a good suggestion.


And......replace it with??????? :)

The RTT is bike specific, so that assumes that I'll continue to ride blue. The more I think about it, I may just keep it and buy a second bike this fall... The more the merrier, right? :)

Down here the only bikes catching a fair price are Japanese cruisers. Dirtbikes, Harleys, and crotchrockets are finding a hard time moving at the asking prices.

In the greater Houston area that bike, even with quality mods, would only fetch mid to high twos.

I guess it all depends on your area and how the market there is.

Personally, I love having buddy bikes. It gives me choices when I want to ride and I can bring friends who don't have or who's wives won't let them have bikes.

The RTT stabilizer and MX suspension work retail for over a grand combined...

Sell the stabilizer separately.

Suspension is too personal to be a selling point. I would rather have stock suspension if I was buying a used bike.

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