Just a thought but when I had my CT70 in the mid seventies I used to think the XR75 was the trickest bike out there. The kids that had them would rule in the sand pits! I guess that was my first taste/want for a 4 stroke MX'er. Been off bikes for 20 years, ( Junior 125 rider early 80's ). Now ride '99YZ400 with 420 kit, E-series pipe. Just thought I'd share! :)



Hugh, I raced thru the 70's and 80's, and just bought a 00 426, and a ttr125l for my son, enjoy it more than ever. I also x-country ski and mtn bike. have fun, mike.

That's pretty cool Mike! Do you ever ski the Birkebeiner? I think it's out your way in Wisconsin or something. I was too busy at work to prepare for skiing this fall but will do a 20K classic fun race later this month. Take care!

Hugh, I have skied the birkie 13 times, also done the fat tire fest. Love to xc ski, and this winter has been great. have you done the birkie?

I always wanted an XR75 as a kid and they were the machine to beat in the mini classes when they first came out (73-74). My TS50 just left a little to be desired as a race machine. I did pick one up about a year and a half ago some 25+ years after it was made. Still happy to have it in my collection!


2000 Yamaha WR400F

1988 Honda NT650 Hawk

1977 Suzuki RM250B

1974 Honda XR75K1

Mike, I'm green with envy! We've also had a great early season for skiing here but had a large contract in my shop which was time consuming. Kind of bummed for not having skied much, been out about 4 times skate, none classic yet. Things have leveled off recently so will get some training in over the weekend for my 20k later this month. My one skate technique is still pretty dialed in but don't have the motor this year to sustain it. I've never done the Birkie but am planning on doing Kenisikada ( Ottawa ) next year. Some buddies of mine will be doing the world masters in Val Cartier I believe. Take care, good skiing.

Moto Mike, after the CT70 rode a TM75 for a while, then a new at the time 1978 YZ-80 which was one of my faforite bikes. Got to go, am at work! Take care guys!

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Riding is a lot like life.

When we start we need to get use to our surounding take thing slow and controled. XR75

Then we reach our teens. With bursts of uncontroled energy. 125 & 250 MXer's

Then we mature. Now we are wize we have more power over our life and are controlled. YZ/WR426

Life acording to me. :)



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

Forloop, very good comparison from my 47 yr old perspective. mike

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