My xr with electrex kit


I just need the wheels, the license plate bracket and light on the plate. Mirrors. Reflector on the wheels.

I really do not like the electrex tail. So I hope that having the stock one there will pass inspection.

If you live in Tx, you won't even need the turn signals to pass inspection. All you'll need is a rear brake light and a horn, that's it. You can even leave the stock knobbies on there, all they check for is tread depth, and the knobbies have plenty of that haha.

Well good luck with it man! You're bike looks great!! It's a '00 just like mine, the best looking of them all I think!

L.L. :)

Looks good scorch. Do you really have to have reflectors on the wheels in MD? Who does the inspection? Just use a Dremel to grind off the NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE and finish off the tires you have. :)

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