Oil Strainer

Hey Guys

Do you really HAVE to clean the oil strainer after every change? seems alot of people say nothing is in their strainer anyways. Seems like its more dangerous because u can strip it and it seems alot of people have screwed up doing it. Just seems like a big hassle for nothing. But anyways just thought i would get some feedback from ya to see if it HAS to be done. thanks in advance for ur info.


I checked mine the first 2 oil changes but not the last 3. I will check it on the next one though. Your right about it being a pain and I have heard of people stripping it out even under torque specs so if your going to check it make sure you torque slightly less than it calls for. Also turn very very slow for the last 10 - 15 ft/lbs so if it starts to strip or stretch the threads you can stop tightening it. The bottom line is check it periodicly and be careful

Smoke :)

I change the oil every weekend and I have not seen anything in the strainer yet. I do get some small metal slivers on my zip ty magnetic plug. Maybe if we put a small magnet in the strainer we might get more results. Nothing to report so far. I am begining to question why Yamaha has us do this.

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