Baja reg/rec help

Hey does any one know if the bajadesign dc reg/rec regulates both the ac and the dc side...:banana:

The BD rect/reg takes all the power input, rectifies it to DC and regulates it. It does not output both AC and DC.

Along these lines.

I have a 99 WR400 and when I bought it the PO gave me the BD reg/rec. The instructions say it is for a WR450 and the stators are very different from one another. However, the plugs line up and would seem to work. But, would it? Also, could I use it without clipping the yellow wire and floating the ground?


Kawi., I suggest starting your own thread. If answers to your question are posted here, it may confuse the OP. I will say, the BD rec/reg are designed for a floating ground system.

Fair enough. I just didn't want to clog things up with another thread that was on the same topic.

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