I was out riding the yz today, just casual riding, and was climbing this hill, hit a jump at the top, when i landed motor quit and went knock knock knock, :lol::banana::banghead::eek::banghead:;):lol::foul::foul:certified mech replaced top end, transmission not very long ago, so thinking i might have blown a valve? how much money? is there valve rebuild kit out there, or do you have to order everything? I think it might be one of the exhaust valves, but not sure, replace intake and exhaust together?

dont take jumped conclusions. start cheking everithing

dont take jumped conclusions. start cheking everithing

starting to tear it up today

That can be fixed. If you can't locate a good used one cheap, send it to EDCo

how much money you think?

ive been looking for a head before I even took it apart can find a good deal on the net

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