2001 DRZ250 CDI? Will a DRZ400E CDI work

Hey all,

My mates dad has a DRZ250 and the CDI is shot (tried cdi on another working bike and it wouldnt start). He will test the magneto and coil to see what caused the problem but will the DRZ400E one work?

I read in another thread that it will but only one person said it so i thought i'd check. Has anyone used this?

Help would be great,



I've heard that it will but the kill switch works in reverse, meaning that the kill switch has to make contact for it to run. Lot's of DC CDI's are like that IIRC.

I think it depends on which DRZ400 model it is too.

yeah, the D400s makes the kill switch reverse and the E doesnt is what i read. I'm more worried about the timing map. Its all good if it start and the bike runs but if the timing is overadvanced in certain RPM ranges, it may damage the motor

hi im a newbie on here and with you having a DRZ250

i just wondered if you new how to set timing up for the cams

i have read contradicting storys and have tried them but it seems to be backfiring through the exhaust just wondered if you have had the top off too see as for your problem with cdi they are different part numbers so not sure if compatible



hey Tony,

setting cams is a bit tricky.

Check with a maual, but I vaguely remember having your crank at TDC, to set the ex cam first (I think you needed the (1) marking at the front (3) marking at the back, but dont quote me)then from the (2) marker count 17 links back. this 17th link has to align with number (3) marker... I think.(definitly check with a manual first)

The most difficult thing is it is the 17th link from the link with a marker not 17links past that marker (ie 18th link).

I set mine one link too many it the bike still ran fine but the power was really different and didnt rev out as far.

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