Carbon Fibre?

Do you think that we really need Carbon fibre or is it just for looks?

What I mean is do you think that you could loose 1/2 a pound of weight or more and in the process save heaps of money.

I feel the money that I save on both Titanium and Carbon Parts I can spend on tyres or other parts that would make me faster on race day.I feel that riding the bike more often will make you heaps faster than special bits.

What do you guys think?

(carbon is pretty though) :)

You don't need carbon, but you do need plenty of fiber in your diet. It will help with that weight loss and overall good health.

YZR and Scott: I think you both make good sense. If the rider is over weight by 10 or more pounds, why not take off THAT weight and get into better shape rather than lighten the bike? About the only time I consider carbon fiber is when I damage something that needs replacing. I compare the cost difference between the CF parts and what I can get aftermarket. If it's just a few dollars more for the CF, I'll take a hard look at it, but to just replace perfectly good stock parts with CF, no, I don't see the benefit. I have a couple of CF parts on my bike that replaced damaged stock parts, except for the frame guards. I'm 5' 10" and around 170 pounds, so there is no more weight to remove from my old geezer body.

I'm 6' and 165, so I trimmed 25 pounds and 176cc from my bike.

I'm 6'0 - 180lbs :) So I've got to lose about 7 - 12lbs to be on the money.

My fitness is good for club races and no good for National races,but I'm working on it.

I just don't think it's money well spent,unless you have bucket loads.Honestly can anybody tell me where you need carbon fibre for strenght on a late model MXer?

If it's strenght you need get some TITANIUM but then you will need bucket loads of cash!

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