Oil drain bolt on '06 yz450f

Having done 2 oil changes now since buying this bike, I have to think that ther eis some kind of trick etc.. to getting the main oil drain bolt back on... I'm refering to the one on the kickstarter side on the bike, the one that for some reason is on the side of the engine opposed to being on the bottom like every other drain bolt in the world :banana: (except for the sump drain bolt on the other side which is also on the side, but that one has nothing blocking it)

after draining the oil it literally takes me like 5-10 minutes with slippery oil hands to get the threads started on the bolt to re-install it. Any tips/trips? I'm definately gunna buy the ratcheting box end wrench to make it easier to spin on once the threads are started, but getting the threads started is the hardest part.

I do have a skid plate on there, but it doesnt seem to be in the way anymore than the frame is

If you have a skid plate other than the OEM one on the bike, it's in the way, trust me. I have the same problem. Just have to fuss with it a bit. It should be free enough to spin in and out with your fingers, though.

ok I'll have to look when I get home to see if it's a non oem skid plate (probly is, works connection or something i dont remeber, it came with the bike)

if thats the case then I am just gunna remove the skid plate prior to drianing the oil, I would rather do that than struggle with oily hands trying to get this bolt started

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