header pipe repair

a couple of weeks ago i dented my fmf bomb header pipe. last weekend i crushed it real good. in the process i broke my arm and have plenty of time to fix the pipe. has anyone used http://www.piperepair.com/

Just fill it with water and freeze it (the pipe, not your arm :banana:). Might take a few tries, but it should work.

If you do freeze it keep an eye on it or else it will split the side open. I found out the hard way.LOL!

gonna try that on mine also.. put a little dent in it, then next weekend i broke my ankle, so i also have some extra time also... mine is about the size of a quarter so we will see...

Freezing works but yes you will need to try several times so be patient.


If anyone is ever after an OEM header they are on fleaBay often and usually go very cheaply.

I saw the post up again and needed to add that the on line pipe repair place did a great job. Im now runnin a moose fiber guard and havent had a single dent or problem this hare scramble season. I did cook the resin from the guard warming the bike before a race. I would have to recomend the guard though, just not shiney anymore.

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