XR650L Fork/susp help please

I am setting up the L for a two up ride and was wondering what the stock settings on the fork are. Can someone post the oil weight and amount or measurements? This is on a 96.

I did get a good post back from flyinW.

But other than increasing the spring preload and fork oil I am at a loss at making it stiffer. :)



that depends on what you mean by stiffer.i'm not a big fan of adding preload, it doesn't actually change the spring rate at all, it just makes it sit up higher (is that what you want?)

heavier oil makes the dampening stiffer overall, including rebound

more oil mainly affects the last four inches of travel, but can also make the midstroke stiffer. higher oil levels work well for jumping, but not necessarilly what you want on the street.

springs with a higher rate will make the forks stiffer overall.

i'd tell you my setup, but my situation is totally different than yours.

I think I have the 2up prob fixed in getting the sag set properly.

What I am most interested in is now is what have people done to get the front to handle better.

I know from other complaints and from my experience the 650L is very heavy on the front end and the front tire tends to wash out easily.

Are there cures for this prob? besides a new bike!



I ride both street and dirt on a crappy dual sport tire, and it only washes out in sand or mud. I raised the fork oil level, and used 10 wt oil. usually I run the clicker all the way in.15 psi in the front tire. If you don't like the handling, try sliding the fork up a bit in the clamp. Careful though, eventually you reach a point where it will want to headshake, and that isn't good.

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