Pro Tapers........

What style Pro Tapers do you run if you run any at all?

I used to run Renthal standard bars but kept on bending with any size fall (bad for budget)2 sets in 1 month.

So I have ordered Pro Taper CR HI's (used to run renthal McGrath) what do you think? They will cost about $220 here in OZ :)

stock renthals cost about $95 twin walls $240

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I've been using the Renthal Twin Wall (McGrath bend) since this past summer - great bars. A little pricey but I swear by these things. Remember, if you plan on using the universal adapters, they will add about 3/4" to 1" in height therefore requiring a low bend.


I'm running Pro-Taper gold Doug Henry bend.

These are very close to current Yamaha bars

as far as bend is concerned. I have them mounted with an Applied Racing top clamp. The whole set up cost me $189.00 total. I love the bars. They are far superior to stock in every respect. Hope this helps.

I run the Pro-Taper setup only. I swear by them after some major get-offs and not bending them once. I have used the Renthal's and always bent them. They are only about 20 dollars more than the Renthals plus the mounting kit(average 65 dollars).


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Thanx for the help guys

It is good to know that they will be worth the money.


Pro Tapers Cr-lo is the first thing that goes on my bikes, I'll never use anything other than Pro Tapers


From what I've heard from other riders,Pro-Tapers are the way to go. I have a set of Button bars as a back-up, ready to install on my 426, but if these get bent, Pro-Tapers will go on next.

i run protaper yz-low bend...i crashed over a triple, and about killed myself (wrecked hard enough for me never to want to ride again) i had some brain swelling, and contusions and what not...anyway..all that hapened to the bike was the fork tubes twisted inside of my billet triple clamps, my dad saw the bike bounce off of the bars...and they only got tweaked, but i got a cheater bar and bent em back immediatly (well i didnt, i was almost dead) those things WONT bend, i swear by em. they are pricey, but you wont ever need a new set...see ya.


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