highest watt bulb for stock xr650r???

I have a stock 00' xr650r with a stock stator. what is the highest watt bulb i can put in this thing?

If you're running the glass lens, the a 55 watt bulb is a good choice even with the stock stator. It won't be full bright at idle or very low RPM, but it will be significantly brighter from low RPM on up. If you've got the stock plastic light, there's not much else you can do with it. Running a higher wattage bulb in that lens will cause the plastic lens to discolor resulting in poor light output. If you're running the stock plastic light, your best bet is to buy the glass lens from Honda and run a 55 watt H3. If you rewind your stator or have it rewound or buy a high output stator, then you can easily run 100+ watts in that same glass lens.

These are single filament bulbs only (great for off road trail use), so if you plan to dual sport your bike and need both high and low beams, then consider buying an aftermarket light/numberplate.

thanks for the input. Any idea what it costs to rewind the stator? Is it difficult to do yourself if mechanically inclined? Is there a kit available to do it yourself?


qadsan has pretty much nailed it as to what you can do with

the stock stator. Another link for rewinding info is at:


Also, re: chblock's site - he says that winding 4 deep on

8 poles is easier than three deep on 10 poles. I beg to

differ. You can wind an odd number of layers onto a pole

and then use a turn or two to get from the top of the pole

back to the bottom to start the next pole. That way you

end up using less wire length to get the same number of

turns (i.e. leaving empty poles is inefficient). In fact

3 layers deep of #18 over all 10 poles is the best solution

for Joe Average who wants to run a 55/60W and 20W brake light

and a few other odds n ends. More details at the above link.


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