13/51 gearing on a 08

I have been running 13/50 on this bike. I bought it this way. In the dessert it works well for me, but in the tight forrest near my house that I ride in the summer it seems a bit too tall. I just bought the primary drive brand 13/51 with their gold x-ring chain 114 links and the chain is too short. I have a couple questions. 1st I read that someone said that the 51 tooth was hard on the chain guide. Is this true? 2nd How many links in the chain should I use with 13/51? 3rd I am wondering if anyone has some extra links in this style chain that I can buy from them? If I could get some links I could also get a extra master link and and easily change the chain length for the 50t or 51t sprocket.

Comments please.

I've been running a 13/52 on an '09 for almost 90 hours in the tight, muddy woods, and don't see any excessive wear on the guide. Also, 116 links puts the axle almost all the way forward, right where I want it. I always buy chains at full length, 120 links, then break them to fit. Is the 114 all they sent you, or did you shorten it?

I ordered 114 links so thats what I got. I didnt think one tooth would make as much difference as it does. I think what I am going to do is order a longer chain and a extra master link and be able to switch from 50 to 51 gearing and adjust the chain length as needed. I will use the 114 link chain on my yz250.

Is anyone using a 51 rear sproket? How many links in the chain are recomended for a 51 tooth? Im guessing 116, but would like to hear from others.

just return the chain rockymountain mc returns are very easy and they are quick on the refund.

I was going to start a thread on 13/50 setup. I recently put this on my 08 yz450 and I notice on the mx tracks that I wind the gear out quickly. I will be in fourth before I really think that I need to. I also went with a non Oring chain, which before had an Oring. Something is off, because my rear wheel spins at the greatest of ease. I am running the Regina RX3 114 chain. Had to adjust the chain tension a few times, but I think I have it right now.

I guess my main question is, as far as MX goes, what do you think of 13/50, running Ironman sprockets?

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