Right turn stalling...

Hey guys don't know if anyone else has experienced this but here goes. I changed out my bars for some good ones.A few rides out I kept stalling it, this was wierd, hadn't really stalled it since I owned it. I got it home and looked it all over, nothing loose wiring etc. Took it to the dealer, they tore down the wiring and tested everything for a short or bad ground somewhere against the frame. Turned out to be a vacuum leak, when the bars were turned all the way to the right it was pulling the decompression lever and creating the leak, thus stalling the engine. Changed the placement of the lever a little,no more stalling. I never would have guessed that was my problem, and even had the techs stumped for a while. To test this, put the bike on stand fire it up and turn the bars each direction to the steering stops, no stalls no problem. Jason

As soon as I read the first two sentences, I suspected the compression release set up. Good to see you found it on your own. In my opinion, the shop techs should have been able to diagnose this problem pretty quickly had they asked you about any changes you had recently made. I assume that you told them that this problem manifested itself AFTER you installed new bars..?¿

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