Differances in Carbs

Question is... I know the carbs changed from the '99' to the 2000 models, but are the carbs the same for the 2000 wr400 & the Wr426's. I think they are but thought I'd check with the lads.....




I can vouch that there are differences in the 2002-2003 carbs. Tim


2000 through 2002 are the same.

Here is what I get formt he On Line Yamaha Parts catalog

1999 400 = 5GS-14101-00-00

2000 400 = 5GS-14101-50-00

2001 426 = 5NG-14101-00-00

It would appear that the each year has a differant Carb assembly based on the part numbers alone

here is the link

Yamaha Web Site Parts Catalog


confirmed then.... 2000 - 2002 same, then when the Wr450 came on the field it changed.......




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