Some fresh graphics on the 450




Looks great ! A red seat cover would really cap off the Red/white Euro look from days gone by !

Sweet looking bike, nicely done ! I like the black seat though, compliments the big fat slicks on the rims. I bet I could high-side that thing reeeeeeal good :banana:

Thanks guys! High siding is a fun trick lol

Love the swingarm graphics it looks great

Whut happent to all yer kuh-nobbies on yer tars, Luigi? :eek:

Seriously, your bike does look wicked good! :banana:

Not knowing much about the super motard deal, are you pretty much limited to riding PIR (not on thursday nite)? Everywhere else to ride would be a pretty fair drive, wouldn't it?


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misspelled a word or two....

I wouldnt take my supermoto on PIR (although some guys do) there are 2 local supermoto tracks with pavement and dirt, the MAC track at mcminnville county fairgrounds and Pat's acres in Canby, they are both Kart track with dirt sections added in to the mix. Lots 'o fun :banana:

I have an extra set of wheels to, mainly for the dunes, I prefer my yz125 on the dirt

what part of Oregon are you in?

I live in Sandy, at the epicenter of the "Bubba Triangle".:banana: About 10 minutes from Mtn. View mx track..... ;)

I work in Portland...... :lol::eek: You're kinda in the neighborhood, aren't you?


yup, I'll be riding mt view next tuesday the 24th, one of my favorite tracks. I'm out in hillsboro

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