My know-it-all brother

Had a little fun with my older brother recently. He's two years older than myself and has always felt this need to outdo me. He's not a dirt biker at all, but after seeing my YZ426 for the first time, decided he could ride that b**ch. I told him that if he could start it, he could ride it(he he he he). Since I always leave it at TDC, I knew he wouldn't be able to push it through the stroke. He jumped on the bike and went to give a manly kick....and nearly broke his leg. He tried a couple of more half-hearted stabs at the kickstarter and declared that the engine was seized. (He he he he). I took over and diverted his attention to the kickstarter while I secretly held in the compression release while slowly moving past TDC. With one fell swoop, the monster roared to life. I hit the kill switch and told him to try again. Same thing...couldn't do it. I didn't want him riding it anyway. Jeez, I love that 12.5:1 compression ratio with no automatic release!

Sibling's a beautiful thing. I wish I could ride with my brothers.

Scott: I wish it could be otherwise, and that we could ride as brothers. Unfortunately, he feels the need to show me up and prove that he's better than me. I suppose that it's because he's older and should be more successful. I think that that way of thinking is detrimental to the one who rides down that trail. Maybe since I fit right in the middle of the litter, I learned the hard way how important it is to be one's own man and that the best way to succeed is via hard work and personal sacrifice plus a little bit of integrity thrown in.

I'm the oldest of three brothers, and the only rider. The others say they are interested in riding, but don't...I guess they don't have the disease like we do...something about latent genes. I'm the only one who inherited the MC gene from the old man and uncle.

my brother is one of my favorite riding partners. Sure we are both competitive when riding with each other....but that just makes us push harder, ride faster and in the long run better riders.


Yes, only some get the MX addiction disease gene. Others, like my brothers, only ride if convenient or prodded to do so, enjoy it somewhat, but never bother to pursue it themselves.

Think of it as "may cause a condition known as hotdog fingers" from a genetically engineered allergy medicine :), except, not as bad of a thing - in fact, I think the addiction to bikes is a good thing.

I call it my "drug of choice". There are a lot worse vices out there. I avoid all chemicals and drugs, and live a very clean lifestyle, except for those dirty bikes.

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