Moose Racing gasket kit rant

I bought a Moose Racing gasket kit to rebuild my WR400 and am not pleased in the least with it. :lol:

It was missing virtually all of the o-rings. I had to go to Harbor Freight and buy a metric o-ring kit (which by-the-bye worked very well). It came with some extra parts that who knows what they're for and was missing a few other parts it should have had. I contacted my supplier, a local indy, and he contacted his supplier (Parts Unlimited) and they basically said oh well. :banana:

I make do, put it together and the stator cover gasket starts leaking right away. ;) So, okay, I order a factory gasket and make do AGAIN. Then I run it in very carefully. No other problems noted, so yesterday I take it out on a long ride. And, guess what? Yup, the valve cover gasket starts leaking like a sieve. :eek::banghead::lol::foul:

Word of warning.:rant:

Used them several times with no problems. Sometimes a kit is made for more than one bike which may require more/less pieces. I always check to see what is included in a kit.

This is one of the reasons why a non OEM part is cheaper.

This is one of the reasons why a non OEM part is cheaper.

You're absolutely correct. I wish I could afford all OEM parts, however, I don't have over a grand to spend, which is about what it would have cost compared to the aftermarket kits at a cost of about a hunny.:banana:

Your Scaring me! I have a Moose Racing top end gasket set on the work bench right now waiting for my head to come back from the Machine shop. There was no valve cover gasket and no orings for the coolant pipes. I will make a close comparison with the OEM gaskets tonight.

You get what you pay for. Yes oem gaskets are more $$. Sorry but I'll only spend my $$$ on oem gaskets. My dad always said do it once and do it right.

Never had a problem with Moose gaskets, however, there are several levels of completeness you can buy.

Every time I bought the full moose gasket AND oring kit, I even received individual valve seals.

Depending on bike, it'll come with 2 versions of certain gaskets (WR and YZ) because the sister bike might have a slightly different cover somewhere.

Mind you, an engine set normally stops supplying you seals and gaskets for anything beyond the actual motor extremities, meaning you won't get carb o-rings etc with it.

I wouldn't use a Moose Gasket kit; wouldn't even consider it. Moose, that I'm aware of, makes none of their own stuff. They buy from a variety of vendors and rebrand everything. Some of it is made for them under contract, and some is just repacked. The result is parts and equipment spanning a wide range of quality levels, and most of the time, "you get what you pay for" holds true.

I use to use Moose levers on my son's bike before I got the ASV's because they were $5 vs. $20+ for OEM's. I could usually straighten an OEM twice before it broke, and the Moose only once, but it still came out ahead. OTOH, the front sprocket I bought from them wore too fast. You have to look at what it is and decide whether you can use the item in question if it turns out to be farther down the quality scale. Some of it is actually pretty good, but it's hard to tell until you try it.

Apart from Cometic (which usually doesn't include O-rings, either), I generally don't use aftermarket gasket kits at all. I prefer to piece together what I need from the OEM catalog. Then I know what I'm getting, and to me, that's worth it.

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