KTM 530 running lean, with JD jet kit and desmogg

Hi there, I was surprised when I pulled my plug and its still burning hot. I was hoping for some coloration. The stock jets were pulled after the desmog and I have a 175 main, red needle with clip on 5th position and a 42 pilot jet. I am running some 75mph runs with a trail speed of 40mph in the sand. I am in Orlando FL. I got one of those adjustable fuel screws, warmed the bike up and then turned it in all the way. I was surprised that it didnt cut off with it in all the way but ran rough. It smoothed out when i turned it a quarter of the way out. So down low it almost says the 42 is too big but that cant be. Up top I think its lean. What are your suggestions??? bike has about 15 hours on it. Its an 08 530.

The jetting you have now should be plenty rich enough down to sea level.

its not lean.

jetting by plug color will just have you chasing your tail.

And... in addition to what chas and Eddie said, based on your comment about the bike not stalling with the fuel screw closed, you are too rich on the pilot jet. You should pop in a #40 and sart the adjustment testing at 1-1/2 turns. Bike should stall at about 1/2 turns and will probably idle great at 1-1/2 turns.

Pilot and fuel screw only affects idle.

Do you have an exc or xcw?

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