idle jet

Ok this might be a stupid question but I'm asking it because I don't have access to my manual or bike at the moment. Can anyone tell me what the stock idle jet size it. I have installed dynojet's kit, removed the air box insert, and drilled the 5/32 holes in the slide. I am still experiencing a hesitation when I crack the throttle and I'm trying to narrow my solutions down. :)

Thanks for the help.

The stock pilot jet(idle) is a 50.Did you modify the exhaust? I'm still experimenting with my '03.With a pro circuit t-4 I'm using a 52 pilot,drilled slide,needle raised .040" and 162 main(stock is 152).I tried a Uni fiter also but it was running hot(oil temp 275).i put the stock filter in and it runs 25 deg. cooler.I think i need to richen it more.Let me know how it works out. :)

Thanks, I still have the stock exhaust right now. I am trying to decide to get the IMS tank or the exhaust. I have a K&N jet kit installed with the K&N filter. I have the stock idle jet in and have it adjusted 2.5 turns out like the kit suggests. I think there should be a little more oomph though. My DR650 will blow it away right now. Oh BTW the needle is on the third position.

I think your Stock exhaust is the problem.It's soooo- choked off with the stock system(but very QUIET !).That's the dilema I have now.With my Pro-Cicuit pipe with the 2" outlet the thing is an ANIMAL!!!.But it's too LOULD!In second gear ,with a blip of the throttle the front end is off the ground.But with the Quiet core it struggles to lift off.I know "less sound =more ground,but damn it ,the bike runs So AWESOME with it uncorked.What to do,What to do...... :)

Easy solution; Ride the bike uncorked and jetted right, and enjoy the Power! The noise can be eliminated by simply wearing ear plugs hahaha. Oh? It bothers other people? Well, you know, Harley riders don't seem to give a damn if they bother people and their bikes are LOUD!!!!! So ride it uncorked, enjoy the power and have fun! :)

Whats this about drilling holes in the slide? I must have missed something. What does this accomplish? Everytime I check in here I find out more new good info. :)

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