Instructions how to Float the ground

I have 2001 Yz 426F and I just got a new stator and flywheel from a 2002 Yz426Wr. For the life of me I can't find directions how to hook up the stator, I want to run a small batteries to power the turn signals and have the batterie charge while being used then use DC to power the headlight and break light. Can someone hook me up with the directions please. I have already tryed that website with no luck. Thanks in advance.

This is a dead link for the instructions.

Electrosport is out of business.

Welcome to TT. You will find, 99.99% of all questions have been asked several times and there are some excellent answers. In your case, there are some terrific write ups with pictures. Try the seach function. It is your friend.

Yes Sir William Ive been through the whole forum and cannot find what i'm looking for, Just bits and peaces witch have no diagrams. I want to be sure I do everything rite the first time.

Give us a call and I will tell you how to do it. You need to mod the ignition side of the stator so it will work with your YZ CDI box, also sounds like you need to float the ground for the lighting side.


So what I did was cut the pink wire from the stator and ground the pink wire on the CDI side then I un soldered the wire from inside the stator and ran a lead off that wire all the way back up to the plug in and grounded it on the frame, I went to start it and it fired up for a few seconds then it died and now I can't get it to fire back up. Can any one tell me if I did something wrong?

What are you using for a Regulator/Rectifier? To run DC, you need to replace the stock Regulator with a regulator/rectifier, and connect the lighting coil "across" the input sides of the R/R. The output will then be 12v to your battery.

My guess is that you still have the stock regulator on board, and when you connected the new wire coming off the coil to chassis ground, then energized the ignition, you toasted the regulator.

Where in Cali are you?

Have you checked to see if you are getting spark? If you aren't, try the easy stuff disconnecting the kill switch.

Justin, who gave you those instructions? I suggest talking to them about it.

I just want to say thanks to Mike from Ricky Stator for helping me set up the stator and flywheel the instructions you provided were legit. The problem I was having was pretty funny actually. It turned out to be a bad spark plug. After removing and installing my stock stator and flywheel it still wouldn't crank so I replaced the plug and it fired right up. Time to order trailtech X2 headlight!!




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