so i just got my first bike and its a 426, it has a fmf pipe, but what would a power bomb header do for me? would there be much of a difference in power?

i herd they are good make the bike quieter but havent herd much since i ride 2 smokes

not much of an increase in power, just more so what rpm the power comes on. I think the powerbomb was designed for more overrev and top end power.

That stated purpose of the 'bomb is to widen the power range and flatten out any spikes in it. It is effective in doing this on the 426 to some extent, although the difference is not remarkable, and a bit more so with the '03-'04 450. It will not add to peak power in any way that you might notice.

so what would be my best way to give it a little more power?

426 has enough power as it is. More then you will ever really need so why waste your $$$??

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