Best front sprocket?

I just replaced my chain and rear sprocket and i want to replace my front sprocket so i dont accelerate chain wear. Does anybody make a lightweight sprocket that is durable? Ive heard that if u put on a smaller front sprocket it can be hard on your crankshaft or something. Is this true?

Thanks, bill804

I use a 13t renthal, it gets the job done and seems well made.

In a world where front sprockets cost between $10 and $45, shoot for the $20-25 (retail) range. AFAM, ProTaper, etc. are your best values, IMO.

Avoid stuff like Moose because they don't wear well, and also avoid stuff like Tag and Pro Circuit; they're great, but they really do cost too much.

Sprockets smaller than 13 tend to wear rapidly compared to larger ones, and are a little harder on chains. Your crank can't tell the difference.

I've tried a number of sprockets and the ones that stand out in my mind are Renthal, Tag and Sunstar. My 450 currently has Tag sprockets w/ Regina ORing chain and it is performing and wearing very well. I tried the Pro Taper and it wore very quickly...

Yep, Sunstar has been good on all my bikes over the years. And it's found locally every day. Some of the "higher end" sprockets have to be special ordered.

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