price in Fl

I was quoted $6k (before taxes, etc.) by a Yamaha dealer in WPB Florida. Another dealer down the road about 1/2 mile didn't quote a price but said that he could be that price (he only had Yamaha at his other location and didn't know the price). Either way it sounds way expensive here. What do you all think about buying from a dealer and having it shipped wihout ever seeing it? Do you have to pay sales tax if you purchase it via. telephone/snail-mail/etc.. from out of state, and if not then how much does it cost to ship one of these things? When I purchase computer parts from an out of state company I don't pay sales tax unless they have a location in my state, I assume it would work the same for motorcycles?

I don't know if I got a great deal. But my 2001 WR426 cost me $5950 here in southern Michigan. That was an out the door price.


You can get a 2001 426 for $5175 out the door at Bardwell's Yamaha in Brookhaven, Mississippi. I don't know about shipping. For us Louisiana guys, if you purchase it out of state you don't pay taxes where you bought it but are supposed to register and pay taxes within 3 months in La. Some guys don't pay the taxes, so they don't actually get a title on the bike. I think they just have the certificate of origin. I guess this would only cause a problem if your bike is stolen.

Try Riva Yamaha in Pompano. I'm satisfied with the deal I got.


I bought a bike the way you are saying. Did not have to pay tax. One hint, have them keep it in the crate, it is much cheaper to ship. If you decide not take it apart and grease bearings, tighten bolts, etc., you can have it together in under 1-2 hrs. It cost me $180 to ship from Chicago to LA. Here is a company that specializes in shipping bikes, both crated and uncrated.(shipping time was only 3 days for a crated bike, but you need to pick up at a shipping location vs. $400 and 1-2 weeks uncrated) The web page is If you buy used or without a credit card, they will also act as a broker so your not sending cash out and then not getting your bike. They will hold the cash until you sign for picking up the bike. You have 1-2 days or something to return the bike(less your shipping cost) to send it back and get your money. I did not use the broker stuff because I paid by credit card, but it seemed like a good deal.

I called Bardwell's and talked to Bubba about the deal. He said they can't keep the bikes in the crate because Yamaha won't let them do that. They essentially have to put the bike together, start it up, and check it over. Then, they have to build a crate for it as it sits, fully assembled. Costs around 40-50 extra for the crate, since they have to build it from scratch. Sounds crazy to me. I told him I wanted it sent to me in the crate, but he wouldn't do it. I found a company that would ship (350lbs.) from there to Northern Va for 238.00, so I'm considering that. Do you think Yellow would ship the bike in a larger crate for the same amount? Any ideas would be much appreciated. I'm also looking into dealers locally that may want to match what I can find. I'd say, at least give your dealer a chance to make a couple hundred bucks if they want to. Cheers.


I have a 00 426 I can bring to you in Fl for $4600. The bike is in great shape with low hours. You can see the bike at under the 4 Sale section.



Ask the yamaha shop if they will do the work to put it back in the original crate after they start it up. It should only take 30 minutes at most. They remove the bars and cables. That's it! If not, call the link I posted and get a price quote. $50 for a custom crate does not sound too bad, but you are already adding about $250 above the cost for shipping and a crate.

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