Bleeding and bleeding and still no rear brakes.

So I popped on my new braided hose and all was well. Untill I noticed on a ride Ive lost my rear brakes again. So I bled them (luckily I had an 8 wrench on me) and they worked(sort of) As soon as I switched off the bike, they vanished again.

So I decided to rebleed the system again. Hell Ive even reverse bled it, still nothing. I even removed the piston and cleaned it up, but it just does not want to move.

Any ideas? :banana:

If you bled them and they worked and then later, they went soft again either you have a fluid leak, a stick caliper or a bad seal in the master cylinder.

I'm thinking it could well be a seal. Ive taken out the caliper. I think ill do the master cylinder now.

I had my master go bad, and was sucking air into the line. Cheap kit to replace the piston/seal, and been great ever since.

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