Horn Install

I've pieced together my own street legal kit for the 08wr450f on the cheap but have just one remaining question. I bought a horn that I mounted up front near the headlight. I was thinking I should probably put a relay in between the horn and what "hot" I decide to use so as to preclude frying fuzes anywhere else. Is there a better way to do this? What has everyone done to install their horns?? Is there a circuit that I can tie into that already does this for me?

You shouldn't need a relay,but you will need a seperate ground.

Don't know how you did your headlight setup, but i ran a power supply line from the hot side of the battery through a fuse holder from the local auto parts store up to the front. i floated the ground and have a full dc system. have the power for my high/low beam switch and my brakelight switch going through the fuse. not the best setup. but it works and wont fry anything else if i get a short. you might try something like that. jlow

Horn will work fine with AC power. all you need is a momentary switch in either the ground or power side to interrupt the circuit.

I ended up buying a horn relay at the local bike shop and used that to preclude any ill effects. Horn works fine and is a lot louder than I thought it would be. I also use a kill switch as my momentary, works great and does clutter the bars.

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