I was after some advice on tires

In Australia we have a MX series called the Thumpernats it's held on peoples properties (farms).

They mark out a track on a fresh grassy hill or valley around 1 mile long and use the natural mounds for jumps corners etc...

So you see it's like a golf course at the start of the day :) and ends up like a chopped up building site at the end :D.

My problem is ....I have only just started doing these types of races and wanted to know if anybody had any thoughts on what would be best for these conditions?

I have tried the Pirelli MT320's...seemed fine and didn't wear much in a day (but they are hard to get!)

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Tire selection is such a difficult choice to make. Compromise is the key here. Take a good hard look at what type of terrain you ride on MOST of the time and select accordingly. My racing buddy showed me his Pirelli tire this past Sunday and how the knobs were starting to "chunk"....and yet, he loved the tire hookup characteristics.....felt that the Pirelli was better than the Dunlop 756's...he was in a bit of a dilemma.

Give the Mich. S-12 a try for the rear

and maybe the Mich. M-12 for the front.

the m-12 rear seemed like strapping a ski to the swingarm it was so slick!!!!!!




ride BLUE

Yeah, like G4, I like Michelin's....especially the soft compounds.

I also feel the Michelins S-12 series are the way to go. The S-12 front has helped every bike I have run it on without exception. The M-12 on the rear was a little grim though.

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