Loud Yosh muffler

I have an old style RS-3 titainium muffler on my WR. It has fresh packing and is great but it is just too loud.

Anyone know any ideas for making it quieter. Yosh says I have to buy a new muffler to use their TEC endcap system.

BTW any TT'r going to thre Hancock Dual sport ride this weekend?


I have been very happy with my FMF Powercore IV. Makes great power all over the rpm range, and sounds good too. Not too loud, but you won't mistake this for a slow bike. I haven't ever been sound tested, so I don't know the db.

I might go to a poker run sunday, if so I will post my sound test results. :)

After pumping money into my WB E series trying to quiet it down, I gave up and bought a FMF Q. The new WB E2 and PC 496 should be the ticket if you can get one. I would advise giving up on the old silencer, run stock or get one of the above..Good luck Domenic :) PS..Even with the Q the Yamaha is still noisy. The price of Power

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