New valves?

I had a intake valve go out, trying to save money. Which way is the most bang for my buck, send it to engine dynamics, have them replace the guide, ship it back to me and replace the three intakes by myself with kibblewhites?

Unless you are planning to cut the seats yourself, you'll have to let the shop do it. For that to happen, they will need the valves, etc. They can leave it disassembled if you like, but to do the job right the head has to be put together, cams and all, and the base clearance restored to the correct range. They will charge you the same whether they assemble it for delivery or not.

Kibblewhites will not save you any money, nor will they last any longer. The KW's require a special spring set to deal with their greater weight, and they want $200+ for that. You could go with something low cost, like Faction, but it may turn out that you get what you pay for, too.

Bite the bullet. Do it right.

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