2010 yz450f front rotor help

will the 06-09 450 rotors fit a 2010 450. looking at online stores all im finding is 06-09 at a decent price and the oem braking is 150.

another question floating or non non floating? i have had an 06 for 2 1/2 years and never had a problem with my fair share of crashes. i bought a 2010 on sat rode it sunday a guy fell in front of me in a sand corner and i hit him in the back his body not the bike. 2nd gear lugging through a corner hit him and it stopped me but i wasnt going fast enough to fall or crash. it bent my rotor! the 2010 comes stock with a floating braking. thoughts? freak thing? or are they junk?

YZF's have had floating rotors in front since the beginning. I doubt they are made by Braking. The '06-'09 does fit. Go with a floater.

it says BraKing on the side of the rotor. i knew the have had floating rotors and i have never had a problem untill now..i dont know if it was a freak thing or what

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