Will 130/90/18 fit on WR400F?

Will 130/90/18 fit on WR400F? Is the WR426 and WR400 swingarm same?


I've never run a 130, but I can tell ya that the 2001 wr426f swingarm is part number 5MV-22110-00-00 whereas the 2000 wr400f swingarm is part number 5CU-22110-00-00.

also... depends on the brand.. i am running a 130/90 18 michelin on my 06 wr, but their sizing is different..

This is a 1998 WR400F.. Can Dunlap d606 fit?

bump.. itchin to order new tires.. cmon guys :bonk:

honestly...i dont think it will fit... the michelin i have on mine barely goes on and it is smaller than a normal 130.....

If by not fit you mean it will rub the chain I would not worry too much. The chain will grind it down. My chain rubs like crazy on my motard wheels.

D606 only comes in a 120/90/18 for memor. remember the wider the back tyre the slower your bike will change direction from personal experience. I run the D606 on my 98 good tyre.

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