99 wheel on 2000 WR

Just bought a '99 yzf wheel on ebay to put on my 2000 WR.

To my surprise, its not the same. The spacers are different (one was lost in shipping) the disk is much smaller and the sprocket side of the hub is a much larger diameter. The disk mounting looks the same and the overall width is the same at about 6 inches.

Anyone with experience know exactly what I need to replace to use this wheel. I heard the axle changed in 99 so I should be able to use a 2000 axle in this wheel right? If not it's a bearing change right?


I now have a sneaky suspicion that I have a '98 wheel and not a '99. Then I presume I will need a new axle too.

Can anyone tell me what I gott'a do to use it.


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