Suspension Recommendations

It sounds like a bunch of you guys have a great deal of experience with setting up suspension. I have no clue, so maybe you can help me. I read the manual for my YZ400f and think I have a pretty good idea on how the adjustments work, make the adjustments, and then after hours of trying to make it better, set it back to the stock settings, because I can't get it to feel right.

Weighing in at 260 lbs. with gear, I know that I need to get heavier springs but I lack the funds to do that right now so it's the stockers for now. I ride at a Novice level and mostly on motocross tracks. I will be changing my fork oil this weekend so any suggestions on oil level and clicker settings would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


At 260 pounds rider weight, I don't see how you can avoid going to a stiffer spring. Sorry. Yamaha aimed at a 170 pound maximum rider. Not only will you need stiffer springs, but, also more progressive valving. I don't mean to be offensive, but, you will benefit from an an aftermarket suspension service. Just be honest about your stats.

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I'm weighing in around 220 without gear, not sure with. I had precision concepts put in race tech stiffer fork springs and I set the sag in the rear myself. After a few minor adjustments witht he fork clickers I'm ggod to go. I'm clearing the 80ft double at my track and the few times I over jump it I've been fine. Also landing on top or a tiny bit short on jumps is unimaginably better.


When in doubt, GAS IT!

Thanks for the advice. Yeah, I definately need to have some mods done. Right now, if I over jumped an 80' leap, I'd fear going home with two broken legs! There are several suspension tuners in my area so I'll have to see what they can do for me.

Any opionions on Race Tech mods?

Sirhk, are you in Ramona, CA?

Yeah I live up in Ramona right now but I hoping to land a new job within a couple of weeks so I'll probably be moving out closer to the coast. If you're living in San Diego somewhere I would highly recomend getting your suspension done by Bob Bell out at Precision Concepts in El Cajon. The cost isn't that bad if you pull the forks off yourself and take them in.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

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