Oil problems! help please

hey guys, im a little bit puzzled here I ride a 2009 yzf 450 , just got it new this year in may. anyway it seems to be "burning" oil but the funny thing is that it seems to be reading good on the dipstick after a ride but then the next time i go to ride it i check the dipstick after leaving it warm up and the oil level is low and i have to add about an ounce or two of oil for it to read good on the stick agian. am i missing something here? and whats wrong with my motor? my motor has about fourty hours on it, 8 oil changes along with filter on every oil change and iv never raced the bike.

Thanks to all.

Did you check your drain bolts for leaks. Sometimes the crush washers wear out and then they leak oil.

I didn't really check up close but there are no puddles under the bike or on the skid plate. But I'll check closer thanks for the tip man. Any other ideas are appreciated.

there is a black chalky soot in my exhaust pipe when i wipe the inside of the pipe with my finger is this kind of thing normal or would that be the oil?

The black soot is normal, it's likely your engine is a tad rich - which is safer than a tad lean, no damage will incur.

Are you checking the oil as per your manual? If you are checking your oil using the wrong procedure your reading might be off and you may be adding oil when you don't need to.

Also - have you checked your breather tube for drips or obstructions?

If your breather tube is blocked, you are likely blowing out oil somewhere else while you are riding and may not notice it, if your breather tube drips, it is likely due to too much oil in your bike.

Lastly - got any leaking seals that might have you lose oil as you ride? (eg: Output shaft).

Might be worth looking your bike over well after a good ride on a dry day to see if you can spot any wet spots somewhere.

thanks matt for the helpful tips I appreciate it.

chek the oil after a 10min. normal ride. sometimes heating up on a stand for a few minutes at idle is not enought

thats one of the first things I tried, still seemed to be low thanks tho man.

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